So it is done.

In my last post I shared how Belial has entered my life and the way he has been assisting me. His guidance and support have been unwavering.

I had asked Belial to help me find a new job, specifically before my boss (who was out on medical leave) returned.

Backstory: She had been targeting me for a few weeks and bad mouthing me for no apparent reason. Belial took it upon himself to deliver justice. He aggravated an existing medical condition she had to the point that she needed to be put on bed rest for 3 weeks. That gave me enough time to apply to jobs every day. However, I wasn’t making much progress. I wasn’t getting many interview calls and the few interviews I had been on weren’t resulting in job offers.

The day of my boss’ return was fast approaching and I was beginning to get nervous. I invoked Belial to get some answers. The message I received was –

“Spirit guides will show you the way. Surrender and have faith. They will show you the way. Be open to receiving messages. They come not in the forms you may expect. Open your mind and receive.”

And so I did.

Two days before my boss was scheduled to return I got a call for an interview. I requested Belial to be with me. I really needed this to go well.

I managed to impress 4 of the 5 people I met with. The last one was tough. The woman I was speaking with was hard to read and didn’t seem to take interest in anything I was saying. I summoned Belial to give me some signs.

While I was answering her questions, Belial said ” Say you like dogs”.
Me: “What? That’s so unprofessional. No, I’m not going to say that.”
Belial: “Say you like dogs”
While I was contemplated whether or not to say that, I felt a strange sensation in my throat. I realized I was about to blurt out what Belial wanted me to say.

“I like dogs!” I proclaimed. I cringed as soon as the words left my mouth. I watched the lady put down her pen and then look up at me with a wide grin on her face. “Oh my god, I just bought a labrador! Aren’t dogs the best?” And just like that, the invisible wall between us was gone. We talked about our pets and then went back to a friendly conversation about work. She profusely thanked me for coming in.

The next day I was panic stricken when I received a call from the company I had interviewed with the day before. “Great, another rejection”, I thought. I answered the call to find that they were offering me the job! With the pay and position I wanted, just ONE DAY prior to my old boss returning to work.

After all was said and done I sat back to introspect what had just happened. It was clear: Belial had delivered, as he does every single time.



My Experience With Belial


I am new to the world of Ancient Gods aka Demons. I do not know much about that realm. The realm that religion condemns. I do know, however, that the words used to describe these Gods are far from the truth.

Being a novice to invocations and evocations, the world of the Ancient Gods was both terrifying and enticing. With the guidance of a priestess who has dedicated her life to assisting others explore their relationship with Ancient Gods, I made a pact with one of the most powerful and feared Gods – King Belial.

I have read so many things about him, ranging from him being a trickster to untrustworthy to a destroyer of man. I beg to differ. Let me start by saying that any relationship worth it’s salt must have a foundation of respect, trust and love. Even if it’s a relationship with an Ancient God.

In my pact, I did not ask Belial to do a million things for me nor did I offer him anything but my loyalty, trust and respect. And in return, I expected the same.

Belial is more reliable than alot of people I know. Any time I call upon him, he is there. He doesn’t disappoint. He doesn’t play games. He keeps it real by giving you what you really need and not just what you think you need based on a whim. He has a sense of humor and can send you messages in creative ways. And he is fiercely protective.

In several instances I have been in the middle of really nasty domestic arguments, where I silently call out to Belial and almost instantly the energy in the room changes. There is an inexplicable buzz of energy in the room. When that happens, I know Belial is present. He somehow manages to help turn those arguments in my favor.

At work, I was being attacked by my new boss. She would bad mouth me for no reason and basically made my life miserable. I called upon Belial to help instill justice. Within a week, my boss had to take medical leave and was out of office for 3 weeks! I also started getting calls from recruiters about new (and better) jobs. When you work with Belial, know that you are protected. If anyone attacks you, Belial takes that personally and he will take care of it.

I look forward to continue having Belial in my life and will share more soon.
Love to all.